Le Cabinet de curiosités
(contemporain) de Thomas Erber

Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber travels the world on the lookout for talented designers and daring brands, characterized by their unique expertise as well as their independence.

In the worlds of fashion, jewelry, watchmaking, design, art, travel, music, literature and eroticism, his desire is to:

  • – Create an international network of designers, artists and brands who, by their cutting-edge savoir-faire and insight, seek to redefine our dangerously standardized society.
  • – Redefine luxury by offering exclusive pieces, in single or very limited edition, cultural news and startling adventures to all those following his wanderings and current projects,
  • – Engage curious people first and foremost, of all nationalities, of all ages and for whom luxury is not tied to a price but rather to a story, a lifestyle and a certain savoir-faire.

If you are interested in a piece hereby presented, please contact Thomas Erber directly at thomas@erber.fr.

Thomas Erber created his Cabinet de Curiosités with a firmly contemporary vision. After working in media for the last fifteen years exploring new trends and creations, traveling the world in search of unheard of places and emerging movements, he now covers all the fields of the lifestyle he is passionate about. These include fashion, accessories, jewelry, premium watchmaking, shoes, design, pop art, as well as travel, music and eroticism.

Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber heralds a vision of luxury, which concentrates on true "know-how" rather than a "know-how-to-sell". His guests, whose talents are recognized worldwide, are therefore independent actors claiming their independence as the driving force of their creation. About forty artists are involved each year and create unique pieces especially for this occasion, demonstrating and glorifying their savoir-faire.

Le Cabinet de Curiosités is also a journey with photographers- whom Eber has met through his work in music and collaborations, and musicians who will perform a private concert on the opening night. In parallel to the event, a range of extensions are created such as the exhibition catalogue, which acts as a milestone for the entire project.

In essence: this exhibition is a life-size curiosity wringing the neck of luxury’s rampant standardization and the common preconceptions that lead us to believe that everything must look the same to exist…

The first edition of Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber took place in December 2010 at colette in Paris; the 2011 edition at Browns in London; the 2012 edition at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin. The fourth edition will be held this December in New York at the Maison Kitsuné store and NoMad Hotel.

Thomas Erber is one of the leading trend-setters of our times.

Actively participating in the launch of l’Optimum and Jalouse, he later founded l’Officiel Voyage, became chief editor of the lifestyle supplement for newspaper Le Monde, a reporter at large for Vogue Homme international and had a tv show about new trends in art, luxury and fashion, Pink on France 2 (2001).
As a rock critic, special correspondent and journalist in the fields of culture, trends and travels he has collaborated with many other publications including Citizen K and Rolling Stone.
His twelve or so years in journalism have lead him to write more than 500 stories and portraits across the world, building an international network of creators.

Today he associates with highly recognized groups, niche brands, designers and artists to accompany them in their development and that of their products.
As a private consultant in image and content strategy on an international level, he has notably organized special events and other services for international groups such as Richemont, Pernod-Ricard, Kuoni and BMW among others.
In this way, he has succeeded in creating a contemporary networking system between groups and independent leaders of the luxury market, reflecting its constant evolution.

After a distinguished career in media, deciphering trends in the worlds of fashion, luxury, travel and culture, Thomas Erber works - along with his Cabinet de Curiosités project - in close and discreet collaboration with designers, artists and brands around the world. As a consultant, he helps them to develop their image and identifies appropriate strategies for their development.

To find out more, please contact him directly: