Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber Et la presse a dit ...

This mundane jack-a-while presents a beautiful Cabinet of Curiosities at Colette until the end of December, carefully selected with his sharp eye for luxury

Le Monde - FR

Thomas Erber shows that luxury is about singularity not about standardization

The New York Times - US

A succesful modern version of an old concept

Herald Tribune - UK

No stuffed animals or old dried seafood, but a luxurious selection combining fashion, design, accessories, photos, eroticism .. Erber appreciates the profiles outside the norm.

Le Figaro - FR

The boutique Colette gives a wild card to the journalist, critic, poet and explorer of new trends, Thomas Erber, who introduces ultra-contemporary objects

Beaux Arts - FR

THE finest objet d’arts from the worlds of fashion, art, design and travel have collided for a new project, Cabinet de curiosité, showcased at Browns and curated by brand and fashion consultant Thomas Erber.

Vogue - UK

A sort of private collection that gives luster to all artists, designers and writers that shape beauty while remaining faithful to the independence and to a limited number

Vogue - IT

Thomas Erber has invited 31 designer to create something properly special that best shows off the breadth and dept of their creative wares

Vanity Fair - UK

Apart from anything else, everything is a on-off, made specially for this venture, and only those with the most energetic interest in the creative crafts are likely to have come across any of the creator before.

Financial Times - UK