Bliss Lau

Jewelry – NYC

Perfect darkness

Sex romper
Number of editions: 13
Dimensions: made to measure

Bliss Lau creates bold and poetic pieces inspired by Anais Nin’s poetry and New York’s architecture.

This season, the Signature Bliss Lau collection is a wardrobe of jewelry that uses the Divine Proportion in order to create harmonious duality in its designs. Each piece is proposed in both freshwater pearls and onyx, as a mirror of itself. Le Cabinet de Curiosités’ contribution is based upon this concept.

‘Made of black onyx with gold rings, Perfect Darkness (named after Richard Eberhart’s poem) is created using the Fibonacci sequence. Through the application of the golden ratio on the body I hope to allow the same perfection to be realized in the sexu- ality of this ornamental garment.’