Collectif Ciguë

Design – International


Number of editions: first edition
Dimensions: 280 x 190 x 2 cm (unfolded)
70 x 190 x 10 cm (folded)

Founded by six architects in 2003, Ciguë is a creative platform whose projects and furniture are born from necessities: to build with and live amongst authentic materials; to leave room for the unexpected and the uncontrolled; to make things with weight and presence, and to ensure that even the most basic objects have a soul.

This year, for Le Cabinet de Curiosités, Ciguë revisits the iconic and slightly forgotten Paravent (Folding Screen). The materials used are black steel and a speckled maple wood veneer less than 1 millimeter thick. So thin is the wood veneer that shadow play passes through it, making it an experiment in light and material, and allowing to rediscover the beauty of a forgotten object.