Melinda Gloss

Fashion – Paris

Double-breasted jacket in NY

Number of editions: 2
Sizes: 48 and 50

Melinda Gloss’ founders Mathieu and Rémi wanted to create a bridge between clothing and their passion for art and culture with their menswear brand. Their ‘Fashion Meets Cinema’ events in partnership with Carlotta Films are an iconic and recurring rendezvous for Parisians.

The piece, called Double-Breasted Jacket in NY, has been exclusively made in a French workshop specialized in high-end tailoring since 1679. Thanks to an engraving on the right side of the vest where the Scottish material is laid out askew, a trompe l’œil reveals itself beneath the collar and lapels. This Melinda Gloss vest could give any man an easy way into the wicked pleasures of extravagance, but exists only in two copies.