Michael Bastian

Fashion – NYC

Ghost Scarf

Number of editions: unique piece
Dimensions: 2 x 0,8 m

Winning a Menswear Designer of the Year CFDA Award in 2011 for his brand, Bastian also successfully collaborates with the label GANT on a recurrent line.

His scarf started with a very poetic idea: taking something ephemeral and transparent (gauze) and manipulating it into something tangible and strangely beautiful. Its name – Ghost Scarf – came of the raw material it started from, but also because of the process it went through – it was destroyed and reborn in a new form.

‘We started with yards of a gossamer cotton muslin, then hand-ripped it into one-centimeter strips that were then tied in rough knots until we had miles of this gauze filament. This was then talented hand-knitter Josh Bennett, to create the scarf.’