Angel Chang

Womenswear – New York, USA & Guizhou, China

Fringed necklace gown

Unique Piece

The designer Angel Chang calls herself a futurist, but one who looks backwards in order to move forwards, aligning her design process with age-old techniques to deliver timeless and elegant creations with a minimal carbon footprint and a maximum intrinsic value. Previous experience in the studios of Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf and Donna karan has refined and informed Angel’s personal aesthetic through invaluable textile training, a skill she puts to use with the traditional craftsmanship of hand-woven textiles from the Miao and Dong ethnic minorities based in the guizhou province, China. Today the aim of her project is to create employment opportunities in rural Chinese villages and to promise global appreciation for indigenous craftsmanship.

Angel’s pleated gown features a floral etched necklace collar and hand-stitched skirt, the fabric dyed black in August according to the shamanistic calendar of the Miao people. Apart from the lasercut fringe overlay created with Hong kong-based studio The Fabrick Lab, no electricity was used in the creation of the fabric or production of the dress – not even electric lighting –, the entire process occurring outdoors during daylight hours.