Paul Smith

Fashion – London, UK

The Red House, 2014

Original signed and framed photograph
Unique Piece

Sir Paul Smith needs little introduction, the man whose idiosyncratic London style has become synonymous with elegant and effortless British dressing for both men and women. Since opening his first boutique in Nottingham, Smith’s empire has spread across the globe, demonstrating a refined and eclectic taste from his tailoring and accessories through the decorative arts, furniture, and beyond. Today Smith is a willing instigator of creative collaborations with the young and the old, throwing open the doors of his boutiques for exhibitions and concerts, as well as participating in small-scale artistic, transdisciplinary endeavours, mixing photography, charity, sports, interior design and more. Smith also likes to experiment with creative talents beyond fashion design, with photography a firm favourite and one he practices with that famous hashtag #takenbypaul.

Taking his passion beyond the iPhone and on the road to Japan, this photograph shot in Magome (a village between Tokyo and kyoto) exhibits Smith’s intimate and unaffected perspective on the world around him, coupled with a perennial love of Asian culture.