Graphic Arts - Illustration – Tokyo, Japan & Bangkok, Thailand


Graphic Novel
Edition of 3000 copies

Yune worked through many creative fields but “Found” is her first graphic novel project. It is the story of a girl, who leaves her city life behind, meets a boy who just got out from monastery to find something else – it’s a very simple and modern romantic story, born from silence. Each page is divided into two parts, one for each primitives. Flat colors, with sharp-edged elements and clearly delineated shapes, provide bold and abstracted forms which attract attention and are quickly identifiable. The flat colors in the background, in contrast with the interplay of geometrical and organic forms of the figure push the two main characters into focus. They’re then combined to different geometrical forms with different colors, to create an illusion of layers stacked up on one another, and rotating figures and background with an impression of depth.