Héritage Paris

Bicycles & Skateboards – Paris, France


Hand-engraved road bicycle
Blue & black steel
Unique Piece

Cycling fanatic and bicycle store founder Cyril Saulnier and the brothers Alexandre and Simon Billard have paired with some the greatest French artisans to make made-to-measure dream bikes and skateboards in the heart of Paris. Since launching the H-001 fixed gear model in 2011, the trio have continued to push the limits of cutting- edge, bespoke bicycles that blend minimal, graphic detailing with technical prowess. With the ex-racing cyclist and highly skilled craftsman Daniel Hanart in command of the workshop, the young Parisian label brings back to life the know- how of bicycle frame artisans – a traditional French craft that has progressively fallen into oblivion with the generalization of mass production. The contemporary design aspect inherent in the Heritage Paris collection has inspired fashion collaborations with both Melindagloss and Isabel Marant.

Continuing an artistic partnership with the designer and artist Chrystelle Desmurger of studio Nuan-C, Heritage Paris have created a unique edition of their H-014 model that is intricately engraved across the Yves Klein blue frame with a decorative, natural scene featuring flora and fauna and mythical figures from Thai mythology. The road bicycle is entirely handcrafted in France and features premium components by Thomson, with Mavic tires and wheels.