Maison Bonnet

Bespoke Eyewear – Paris, France

Full Moon Sunglasses

Black or Yellow acetate parts
Edition of 4

The Bonnet family have been crafting exceptional French eyewear since the 1930s, specialising in gold and tortoiseshell frames, even before Robert Bonnet began the family’s bespoke business in Paris in 1950. Since then the Maison Bonnet has quietly grown, developing their savoir- faire from generation to generation, with Christian Bonnet gaining the acclaimed “Maître d’Art” status in 2000, with his business later named a Living National Heritage Company. His sons Franck and Steven continue to expand the family expertise today, working with acetates to broaden their specialist offering into both optical and sunglasses; their bespoke designs requiring up to 30 hours of work.

Inspired by the famous Full Moon party that originated on ko Pha Ngan island, Maison Bonnet have crafted four unique sunglasses in coloured acetate, their curved, wraparound structure designed for both men and women, ready for immediate protection after partying until sunrise. The Full Moon sunglasses are shaped in black or yellow acetate, the former with black lenses and an optional gold lacquer detail, the latter gleaming with solarised blue lenses. They are engraved exclusively for the Cabinet de Curiosités inside the arm, retaining the discreet luxury of the Maison Bonnet but with a hint of tropical flair.