Fashion – Bangkok, Thailand


100% 3-mm neoprene
Edtion of 6

Vickteerut’s co-directors Teerut Wongwatanasin and Pang Sudhinaraset create progressive pieces with across- the-board appeal, making their label one of the most sought-after in the country. Their minimalist designs are characterized by clean lines and well-balanced proportions in a mostly monochrome palette, punctuated by sensual details and suggestive layering. Here, the duo have created what appears to be, at first glance, a simple jumpsuit. It is actually a fully functioning wetsuit.

Obsessed with their recently rediscovered love for diving, the pair decreed it the lifestyle activity du jour and decided that such an inspiring occasion would need an equally inspired ensemble. Something contemporary with a classic finesse; something appropriate and efficient, taking one seamlessly from dive to yacht deck with no outfit changes; something that would look good on picture, on land or underwater. And so they designed Orca, a neoprene wetsuit named after a killer whale. Orca’s graphic black-and-white colour block was influenced by the animal itself, while its wide, overlapping halter neckline was loosely lifted from Siwilai’s Chao Phraya wave pattern. From the back, the wearer’s skin is almost fully exposed, but from the front, it remains covered, save for a strategically positioned cut-out revealing a triangle of bare flesh, a naughty peek at the navel – the orca’s secret weapon.