Jewellery – Bangkok, Thailand

One collection : 3 rings and 2 bangles
“Co-existence Ring”

Pear-shaped 1.52 carat white diamond H colour SI clarity, GIA certified with princess-cut 0.78 carat diamond, set on 18 karat pink gold and Thai ivory
Unique Pieces

Patcharavipa “Pat” Bodiratnangkura has been designing jewellery since the age of 13, maturing from costume/dress-up party items to more discreet, fine jewellery pieces crafted from eco-friendly materials. Her “organic luxe” philosophy shies away from ostentation, preferring instead to “hide” the precious elements of her designs. Her current exploration, Part 1.5, is an ode to ivory, a rare material that will be made even scarcer following new trade laws. The Thai ivory used in Part 1.5 was humanely sourced from a conservation and is extremely limited in quantity. Inspired by this one-off quality and also by the recent passing of Thai master Thawan Duchanee, who used ivory extensively in his sculptures, her pieces explore the idea of an irreversible tipping point between cause and effect, life and death, an experience that, once passed, can never be repeated.

The “Co-existence Ring” captures this threshold between two dualities: on one side, a pristine, convex slice of ivory; on the other, a jagged, stalactite texture moulded from wax and re- casted in solid pink gold. Bridging the two worlds is a white diamond set in a gold claw derived from Duchanee’s primal paintings. Two more editions of the rings have been created using gemstones: one offers a Russian emerald sourced from abandoned Ural mines, the other a brown diamond. Part 1.5 also includes two Thai ivory bangles inlaid with 18 karat gold.