Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery

Contemporary Art & Design – London, UK & Paris, France

“Lathe I Gold”

by Sebastian Brajkovic, 2012
Polished Bronze, Silk Embroidered Upholstery, 85 X 155 X 155 cm
Edition of 8

Carpenter’s Workshop gallery is one of the world’s most dynamic players in the aesthetic playing field between art and design – with founders Loïc Le gaillard and Julien Lombrail fostering the talents of both emerging and established creators in their London and Paris galleries. Named after their original location in a Chelsea carpenter’s workshop, the internationally-renowned gallery is today concerned with discovering and exhibiting artists whose diverse bodies of work display an innate contemporary significance coupled with a sense of humour.

Presenting a collision of contemporary and baroque aesthetics by the artist Sebastian Brajkovic, the gallery presents his artwork “Lathe I”, which twists the familiar 17th century dining chair and conjures up a playful alter reality, where objects themselves can be physically stretched and pulled as if in digital program. The “Lathe I” has been pierced by a central axis running through the profile of the chair back, and, as though being turned on a giant lathe, the seat and back extend around offering up a new, more spacious seating arrangement. With the seat extruded, the arms of the chair look like they might meet in reverse, the whole piece existing in the negative space of a traditional chair. The work is first sculpted by hand before being moulded, and the embroidered upholstery owes its intricate precision to digital completion, with his use of technology celebrating the art of craft.