Leather Jackets – Tokyo, Japan

Rider’s jacket

0.6mm-Kangoroo-suede with Paisley print, printed kimono style with 7 paint layers
Unique Pieces

Backlash is an authentic and artisanal leather collection designed by Isamu Katayama and crafted in Osaka, Japan. Constantly inspired by his travels throughout the Eastern and Western worlds, Katayama researches leather techniques new and old, using diverse materials such as horse and kangaroo skins to cut his rugged, masculine outerwear. Katayama’s designs take cues from archetypal shapes like the perfecto and moto jacket, for a genuine punk sensibility that has attracted the likes of keith Richards and Liam gallagher.

The Backlash riders jacket is inspired by a vintage piece worn by katayama-san himself in the 1980s, a style he still wears on the road today. Hand cut, sewn and studded, this exceptional garment-dyed piece is made from Italian calfskin accented with sterling silver details and a luxurious lining in kangaroo suede.