Pierre Geronimi

Glacier Geronimi – Sagone (Corsica), France

The wizard of tasting buds. The alchemist of sweet hereafters. The master of mixed, endless sensations. He could’ve been a musician or a painter, working on hues of colour and chromatic sfumatos. But Pierre geronimi is an ice-cream maker, transforming dairies into elements of an ephemeral form of art. From his basecamp in Corsica, he transformed a small, artisanal family business into a laboratory of taste. Geronimi knows no boundaries. He retains the pleasures of Corsican-scented ice-cream memories from his early life but loves to project this emotional legacy into a present future. Like two others genius Pierres, Pierre Hermé and Pierre Gagnaire, he is a visionary. Acting as adventurer mapping a new atlas, he merges nature and technology, blends familiar things and the uncanny, and uses the best ingredients of his local garden of delights but also uncovers many other sources of inspiration. You’ll never find such beautiful, poetic statements in taste anywhere else in the world.

More than just ice-creams, it’s a vortex of sensations where honey, saffron, prickly pears, watermelons and Corsican lemons meet Tahitian vanilla and Sicilian almonds. But also Korean black garlic and Iranian black lemons, mountain flowers and Japanese mushrooms, and plenty of never-seen- before Australian grains only known by Aborigines. No limits, no frontiers : the humblest fruit of the soil meet the rarest and most precious chocolates, including the übercult “Jacu Bird” created by Portuguese master Claudio Corallo (the best chocolate in the world, and the most expensive too !). Pierre Geronimi might well be the most gifted ice-cream maker of the Western world.