Le Gramme

Men's Jewellery – Paris, France

“Golden Axe” bracelet set

Sterling silver engraved bracelet
Edition of 9

Le Gramme is a collection of bracelets for men designed in Paris by Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër. Crafted in recycled silver and gold, their purist aesthetic is complemented by a sizing system dictated by weight. Translated as “the gram” in English, Le gramme represents the weight measure used to name each of the designers’ flat, polished bracelets – from 9 to 49 grams. These considered, architectural pieces were born from Adrien’s search for a strong and masculine silver statement; coupled with Erwan’s viewpoint on ethical production and recycled metals that stems from his own collection JEM.

The golden Axe set by Le gramme is a unique piece composed of nine 33g sterling silver bracelets handmade in France, one for each of the nine dynasties of Thailand. Famously known as the “golden Axe”, the map of Thailand is engraved across the nine pieces like a puzzle, remaining an abstract linear design across each piece, emerging only when they are united. Each piece is numbered in the nine piece series and engraved with its weight in the Thai alphabet, with a further symbolic 9 to honour the king Rama IX.